Record Store Day 2018 – THE LIST

THE LIST has finally dropped and we are as stoked as you are for RSD 2018 on April 21!!

We want to know the titles that are on your list:

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You can find the the complete list here:

The 2018 RSD List

How RSD Works:

  • We want to know the titles that are on your list.
  • We’ll do our best to order as many requested titles as we can.
  • There are no guarantees we will get any specific titles at all.
  • We cannot hold titles or take any kind of pre-orders. No need to even ask.
  • When the doors open, the RSD records will be easy to find and available “first come, first served” in order to give everyone an equal chance!


5 replies on “Record Store Day 2018 – THE LIST

    • clineschmidt

      Right on, thank you for letting me know. We really appreciate your input!

      It looks like the retail will be $80. We are not marking anything up.

      Sound City Records

      Regarding RSD:

      We cannot promise anything, hold anything or do pre-orders.

      We can tell you that we’re going to order as many titles that people request as possible, perhaps all of them. That does NOT mean we’ll get them. And, if we do – every title is first come, first serve. There are rules we follow set up by RSD.

  • Sean McMullan

    I’m eyeing the National Boxer Live in Brussels, Rage Against the Machine, Run the Jewels, Trampled by Turtles, Fleet Foxes, and Wilco.

    See you guys soon!


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