RSD 2018! Sun Ra – Double Live with Concert Poster

We totally dig Sun Ra at Sound City Records. This release is certainly on our list for RSD 2018!

Here is what has been declassified for consumption by the general public and the cosmos:

Sun Ra – “Pine Street Theatre, October 28th, 1988” Double LP w/ Poster
Never before released concert sourced from the original master tapes of the audiophile recording engineer.
Approved and sanctioned by Sun Ra Estate.
Mixed by Drew Canulette (Nirvana, Neil Young).
Pressed at RTI – Audiophile pressing.
Limited to 2000 worldwide.

Track Listing
01. Blue Lou
02. Stardust from Tomorrow
03. The Shadow World
04. Sunset on the Nile
05. Space Medley (Space is the Place/ We Travel
the Spaceways / Rocket Number Nine/ The
Second Stop is Jupiter / Saturn Rings)
06. Improvisation
07. Improvisation
08. Medley (Discipline 27-11 / I’ll Wait For You)

We will be opening early for Record Store Day 2018! 

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