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Our brick and mortar shop is fresh, organized, clean – a swell place to chill and flip thru the bins.We stock a dialed-in selection of new records alongside an extensive collection of classic used records, offering the largest selection of new and used records West of Seattle.We stock two rooms full of rock, hiphop, jazz, soul, funk, blues, r&b, country, punk, metal and more.Sound City Records is located on Bainbridge Island, a scenic 30-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle, Washington. It’s easy to walk onto the ferry and leave the city behind for a peaceful day on our beautiful island. On a clear day you’ll see Mt. Rainier, The Cascade and Olympic Mountains, and if you’re lucky – orca whales. Walk off the boat and it’s three blocks to our shop in the heart of the shopping and dining district of Winslow, Bainbridge Island.Along with records, we carry a wide selection of SubPop merchandise including hoodies, logo t-shirts, band t-shirts, hats, caps, stickers, buttons and more! SubPop is a world-famous record label known for early Nirvana and Soundgarden releases, and for being a top indie record label today. SubPop artists include Sleater-Kinney, Iron & Wine, Father John Misty and The Head and The Heart.

Focused & Expansive

(never artisan or curated)

We feature hard-to-find “Indie Only Exclusives” available only to independently owned and operated record stores. These limited editions will feature unique vinyl, jacket artwork or both. Maybe more!

Our shop features a wide range of that Seattle sound from the ’90s, both reissues and original pressings. {TIP: We don’t use that “g” word in Seattle, yo’!}

We’re proud of our ever-growing stash of hip-hop records, 12″s and rap battle records.

In our two rooms of records, we have areas dedicated to rock, metal, punk, jazz, hip-hop, blues, world, country and bluegrass, funk and soul.

We have tons of classical, children’s, folk, quadrophonic, hawaiian and yes – more!

Great place to shop for whats missing in your vinyl collection or just to grab something cool. They were closed when we arrived but the owner opened the doors for us because… well because that’s what you do on Bainbridge. Great location and cool atmosphere.


A record store? But Amazon is soooooo easy, right?

Experiences happen buying records in a record store that can’t occur online — like hanging out with friends laughing, and getting your stuff immediately without paying for “free” shipping.

What about CDs, don’t they rule?

It’s not the same experience buying or listening to CDs. The sound is hollow, my friend.

But, but…I have every song by everyone ever on my Spotify!?

You don’t have Jay-Z or Beyonce, for starters. And most of us have figured out that streaming isn’t buying — it’s renting. We love it for checking out music we then buy on records. Most records come with digital downloads these days, so you have a digital, mobile copy along with your vinyl!

That’s why we are here. Come check out your local record store, Sound City Records.


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130 Winslow Way East,
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
United States of America

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Phone: +1 206 399 3011
Email: soundcityrecordstore@gmail.com